Lesson Songs

Elementary Guitar Lessons 1-24


Fiddleback Freeway

Flamenco Niño

Follow Me

Follow Me Again

Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques (ostinato and chords)

Fujita Rock 1

Fujita Rock 2

Fujita Rock 3

Fujita Rock 4

Get Up!

Getting the Feel of the Blues

Honky Tonk Training Blues


Kopy Kat

Arpeggio Mountain

Arpeggio Valley

Black Widow Boulevard

Chango Ve, Chango Hace

(Monkey See, Monkey Do)

Circling the Sun

Clock Strikes One

Dylan's Song (A and B Sections)

Dylan's Song (A Section)

Dylan's Song (teacher part)

Dylan's Song

(with chords and teacher part)

EB Jeeby Blues

Esbozo Duet

Esbozo Duet (practice tempo)

Espanoleta (orchestral)

Espanoleta (solo guitar)